Our Message

It has been about 30 years since we set off on road to establish Akmar Shipping, which we have been the manager and the partner of its each rank for many years. We have been developping our works and strategies with our experience combined with previous experience over 40 years in all Shipping Arena.

Akmar is still moving forward with more efficiency and power than on the past, having the secure information aggregation and the participation of the new generation who had not been born yet when we get started to our profession at that time. Our Agency Department, which was means of our first step to Shipping Field, is one of the most important part of us and acting / serving for many major names of the World Shipping, is proud of attending various esteemed Shipping companies at all Turkish Ports and Straits.

Our works with the very respected other Shipping Groups in Turkey, whom we move together for our Bulk / Tanker investments, are still carrying on with the feature of being leader in our sector. We keep our policy of considering Shipping with its whole enstrumants, including competetive Charterring, Insurance, SP Brokering, Stevedoring, Forwarding, and we continue our studies of giving the best, sufficient service to our all clients with this aim.

Once again I  tender my thanks  to our  friends and other Shipping Companies and Charterers for contacting with us to see the difference on quality of service given by Akmar Shipping Group in this respect.



Yours Sincerely,
Necdet Aksoy
Tasarım: Ambiyans
Kucukbakkalkoy Mh.Begendik Sk. No:3 Aksoy Plaza 34750 Atasehir / Istanbul/ TURKEY
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