Our Vision / Mission

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Our Vision

  • To be a leader in shipping markets by providing first class service that ensure long-term company durability.
  • In the international marine sector, Akmar's aim is to be more successful on marine management and sea transportation with new vessels. We are well aware of the importance of obeying the international quality standards to supply advance security of health, goods and environment.
- We believe that Akmar Shipping has a unique judgement of value thus, give a great effort in order to preserve these:
  • Set clear expectations on the services we will deliver … and then live up to that expectation
  • Continuously evaluate whether you believe our services are living up to your expectations
  • Measure our employees’ contributions to your satisfaction and reward the success of individuals and teams
  • Building an experienced team working with the knowledge of importance of customer satisfaction, sets us apart from our competitors and is based on the actions you value most.
         Our Mission
·           In  shipping sector, with our principle of continuous development, efficiency and productivity, our company is aiming to have a healthy growth and increased tonnage with always a  younger fleet and with a quality of modern marine industry standarts working harmoniously with our partners and members.


Tasarım: Ambiyans
Kucukbakkalkoy Mh.Begendik Sk. No:3 Aksoy Plaza 34750 Atasehir / Istanbul/ TURKEY
Phone : +90 (216) 576 2666 PBX - Fax : +90 (216) 572 7195 - Telex : 29386-29385